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We unite top Salesforce experts – consultants, engineers, and administrators – to drive success in your Salesforce projects.

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We form high-performing Salesforce teams that just do more.

Expert-led and assembled

An expert from our network translates your idea into a tailor-fit team and will lead you and the team from onboarding to the launch of your Salesforce organisation.

Best Talent Only

Our specialised teams are assembled from our invite-only network of vetted tech professionals with 8+ years experience, choosing to join your mission while teaming up with like-minded people.

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Learn how we enable forward-thinking companies to discover, form and manage world-class Salesforce teams at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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Use Cases

Two ways to build and innovate faster: Plug in single expert talent to augment your team or engage with a fully managed team tailored to your needs.


Take your team to the next level

You already have a team of Superstars but need more high quality resources or niche expertise to accelerate your roadmap. Inject missing skills or add highly vetted talents to your team to build faster & better.

Ex. Augmented Team


Build an entire team from scratch

You have a existing idea or challenge but no team. Unlock your ideas or add an additional delivery team to launch new features or products. Get a self-managed team, custom-designed to deliver on your vision.

Ex. Fully Managed Mobile App Team

Build better & faster with EverREST

Start building more with less by deploying EverREST Salesforce teams.


Ship better products to market faster

Here's how EverREST helps top innovators to build better, faster and win


Get more done with less people. Engage with agile teams of builders with 8+ years of relevant experience.

Best talent & curated

Work with the world's best builders from our highly vetted & invite-only network − curated by Architect level experts into teams of talents that work well together.

Fast and flexible

Get to market faster and onboard your dream team in days while getting the agility to quickly scale up and down with the resources needed.

Best talent & curated

One contract, one invoice, one monthly payment - all managed through us in a fully compliant setup.


Teams assembled

7 days

Team ready to start in


On-budget delivery


Build your team in days, not months

Your purpose-driven team ready in 72 hours

Tell us what you are building and we define with one of our domain experts the ideal team composition and setup for your specific project needs. This can also include an initial scoping of your project.

We send you our tailor-fit team proposal ready for you to be reviewed. Together with one of our Team Architects you have the chance to make any revisions you have.

Once you’re happy with your team & setup, it’s time to kick-off and get started. We set up all contracts and help with the on-boarding.

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Salesforce Scrum team
Salesforce Prototype team


Specialized Teams for any Salesforce challenge

Discover our ready-to-deploy teams across services we focus on

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting

  • Guidelines and assistance with security review
  • Migration to Salesforce from another CRM
  • Application Architecture
  • Pre-release consulting and check-up
  • Training and documentation

160 hours


Salesforce Integration

Development and Integration

  • ISV and AppExchange development
  • Salesforce platform application development
  • Experience Cloud implementation
  • Integration of any complexity
  • Front end development

160 hours


Salesforce process development

Software Delivery Process Development

  • Clear and flexible continuous integration process
  • Quality assurance for our solution
  • Code review
  • Professional Project Management (Agile development methodology)

160 hours


Salesforce App for App Exchange development

No-code application development

  • Guidelines and assistance with security review
  • Creating a data model (objects and fields)
  • Creating a layout and lightning pages
  • Permissions
  • Flow automation

40 hours

From $2,000

Salesforce security review

Guidelines for security review

  • Scanning package for vulnerabilities
  • Communicating with Salesforce regarding security issues
  • Writing false positives
  • The guide about the process and best practices
  • Consulting and answering questions

20-30 hours

From $1,000

Salesforce Developer and integrator

Basic integration

  • Our team specializes in seamless integration with any third-party service within the tough deadline, no matter the complexity. Whether it’s a basic bidirectional integration with Hubspot or a more intricate third-party integration, we’ve got you covered.

80 hours

From $4,000

Salesforce chat gpt integration

ChatGPT with Salesforce integration

  • Lead Qualification and Routing
  • Customer Support Chatbot
  • Sales Script Assistance
  • Data Enrichment
  • Meeting Scheduling and Follow-ups

300 hours

From $15,000

Salesforce CTI inegration

Customer service implementation & CTI+

  • Salesforce integration with a CTI vendor
  • Web to phone for utility bar
  • Contact Search
  • Log a call
  • Customer service Implementation

200 hours

From $10,000

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Basic Community setup without advanced styling

  • Research and choosing the optimal community template
  • Consult about community license
  • Setup pages and components
  • Add branding (logo, branding colors, background)

60 hours

From $3,000

Salesforce Community Cloud

Advances Community with standard components

  • Custom theme development (custom footer/header, custom layouts, mobile view)
  • Setup pages and components
  • Researching & selecting the optimal community template

140 hours

From $7,000

Salesforce Administrator

Monthly support of an organization with up to 100 internal users

  • Updating objects, fields, layouts, flow, etc
  • Development research and bug-fixing
  • Non-code research and bug fixing
  • New features development (with declarative tools)

80-120 hours

From $4,000

Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Classic to Lightning Migration

  • New Lightning Pages and Applications
  • Branding
  • Update Dashboards and Report Charts
  • Custom links
  • Migrate the JS button into LWC

80-100 hours

From $4,000

Salesforce release

Pre-release consulting and check-up

  • With Salesforce’s three annual releases, our Pre-Release consulting service equips customers with a detailed document, offering insights into potential threats and recommended changes to ensure a successful transition, minimizing disruption.

40 hours

From $2,000

Build better & faster with EverREST

Start building more with less by deploying EverREST Salesforce teams.

Salesforce Freelancers


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Our network attracts the world’s best Salesforce builders who want to team up with equivalent talent to work on missions they feel connected to.




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Product Managers



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QA Engineers

Deep Expertise


“The Salesforce implementation has been phenomenal! We’ve never witnessed such a swift transformation with such exceptional Salesforce experts.”

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Dvir Harel

R&D Group Leader at Novidea

“The Salesforce teams they provided exhibited excellence in various aspects, and each team member seamlessly integrated with our Salesforce ecosystem. I was astounded by the rapidity with which they delivered tangible Salesforce solutions, and I consistently felt well-supported by the Match team throughout the entire Salesforce implementation journey.”

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Todd Warshauer

VP of Sales at

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